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tough guysSteakbellie enjoys spending time with his wife and three sons. He likes gardening, drinking beer and watching football. He once rode a bicycle across the
Continental United States.
He's an Ominivore.

Professional Events:
25 Professional Contests in the last 3 years
Ranked #18 in the World by the International
Federation of Competitive Eaters (IFOCE)

Competition Highlights:
* Holds the IFOCE World Record for Haggis 3lbs in 8 minutes
* Ate the entire McDonalds Dollar Menu (13 items) in 5:23
* Ate a 2ft Wawa Hoagie (Turkey, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Lite Mayo) , Small bag of
Chips AND a half Gallon of Wawa Lemonade in 3:34 (no dunking!)
* Ate 35 Krystal Burgers in 8 minutes
* Ate 5lbs of Shoo-Fly Pie in 8 Minutes
* Ate 20 HotDogs and Buns in 10 Minutes
* Ate 40 Hard Boiled Eggs in 8 Minutes
* Ate 21 Slices of Pizza in 10 Minutes

Other Highlights:
Trojan Can* Snuck over 300 beers into the Wachovia Center Stadium during Wing Bowl 15 by placing them inside an 9 foot tall 'Trojan Beer Can' and wheeling it past Security.

* Steakbellie looks forward to taking his wife away for their 15th Anniversary and running the Philadelphia Half-Marathon


Watch Steakbellie eat a 2ft Hoagie with a Half Gallon of Lemonade to Qualify for Wing Bowl 15!

Watch how Steakbellie & Wing Kong train for Wing Bowl



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